Employee of the Month: Mel Lichtenheld

FullSizeRenderFavorite thing about Miami

The city is an international hub that lends to interesting people, food and social topics. Daily headlines never cease to amaze me. It’s an exciting place to live.

If you could find a good deal on a ticket, would you choose to travel to the past or the future?

The future, definitely. It begs so many questions, from politics to the environment to the arts. Real change takes time, so what will 100 or 200 years bring about? Will the planet be in good shape or a dystopia? Will people still dine out for pleasure? What will music sound like? What will be the dominant universal language? Will cars fly? Will there be double chocolate ice cream? I could ask these types of questions all afternoon.

Favorite things you did as a kid that you still do today

Bicycle and read. Had Kansas offered a beach when I was growing up, I would have bicycled and read there like I do today.

What would you buy from a thrift store?

Once in high school I found a beautiful beige silk blouse with frog buttons down the front that was made in the 1940s in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It looked great with jeans or a skirt. I would like to find another one just like it.

Favorite way to thank someone

A handwritten note.

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