Dade Heritage Trust seeks voter approval for long-term lease Dr. Jackson’s office Asks for Yes Vote on #238

MIAMI, Fla. – September 1, 2016 – On November 8, voters in the City of Miami will be asked to approve a charter amendment, making the historic original office of Dr. James Jackson, Miami’s first physician and Jackson Memorial Hospital’s namesake, the permanent home of Dade Heritage Trust.

Currently Dade Heritage Trust has a month-to-month lease from the City of Miami for the use of the office at 190 Southeast 12 Terrace. If passed, the charter amendment will allow for the City to enter into a thirty-year lease of the building with two renewal options for a minimum annual rent of $600 in addition to the Trust’s obligation to maintain the facility for the benefit of the public, which costs about $35,000 per year. The new lease will provide the Trust a long-term commitment that enables it to continue costly renovations and improvements to the building.

“Since our establishment in 1972, we have fulfilled our mission to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of greater Miami,” said Christine Rupp, the 501(c)3’s executive director. “The City purchased the building in 1976 and turned to Dade Heritage Trust to restore, operate and maintain it since 1977.”

The quaint building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, exemplifies the adaptation of the Neo-Classical style to Miami’s climate with wide porches, supported by Doric columns.  Operated and maintained as offices, gallery and library by Dade Heritage Trust, the historic Dr. Jackson building also serves as an Official Heritage Tourism Visitor’s Center, open to the public seven days a week in the vibrant Brickell area.

“The November 8 charter amendment is essential to Dade Heritage Trust’s continued success in carrying out the mission to safeguard Miami’s architectural and environmental heritage,” said Dr.  Edmund Parnes, Dade Heritage Trust President. “The current month-to-month lease puts us at an extreme disadvantage when competing for grants and other financial support dedicated to the upkeep of the 111-year old surgical center.”

In addition to preserving Dr. Jackson’s house and serving as an advocate for the preservation of many other sites across Miami-Dade, Dade Heritage Trust provides an array of public programs including educational walking and bike tours and maintains a library of information on all of the historic sites in the county.  For over 40 years, Dade Heritage Trust has been working to preserve historic buildings and venues throughout Miami-Dade County.  Successes have included the 1905 office of Dr. James Jackson, old Miami High, the William Wagner Homestead, the Dice House, the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the Hubbard-Alvarez Bungalow in Little Havana, the Miami Circle, the Freedom Tower, the Historic Hampton House and the Miami City Cemetery to name a few.  Efforts continue to save and restore the Miami Marine Stadium, Dorsey Library, the Babylon and other projects throughout our community.

“As Miami’s building boom continues, it’s increasingly more important that we provide residents – new and old alike – with a sense of Miami’s unique history. We hope City of Miami voters will support the work we do by voting in favor of the charter amendment on November 8 (#238) and allow us to continue to serve the community from our historic home,” Rupp said.

Dade Heritage Trust is a non-profit 501c3 organization founded in 1972.  The mission of the organization is to preserve Miami-Dade County’s architectural, environmental and cultural heritage through education and advocacy.  Dade Heritage Trust is funded through memberships, private contributions, grants and public programming proceeds.  For more information, call Christine Rupp, Executive Director at 305-358-9572 or visit