Employee of the Month: Marc Espeso, Orlando office

The best piece of advice ever received

Never hesitate to show how hard you can work. The right people will always take notice.

Favorite thing about Orlando

Many people see Orlando as a one-dimensional city, but it’s not. There is a whole other side to the city that many people don’t experience, from the growing international business and cultural scenes, to the great local food spots and hangouts.

If I had to pick one thing though, I would say it’s the sense of community. Amid recent events, it was great to see such diverse groups all come together.

My most memorable client experience

I have two.

One was in 2012 during the NBA All Star Games in Orlando, where I worked in event production and media relations. I had the pleasure of working with producers, videographers and talent from the Ellen Show. Afterwards, it was gratifying to watch on TV the segments I helped coordinate.

The second was in 2015. Our team was working with an international client to open and publicize a new state-of-the art cargo terminal at Port Canaveral, which opened up the port and Central Florida to new cargo opportunities, reaching from the Panama Canal expansion to the rest of the world. I took a primary role in event production and logistics, and a secondary role in media relations. Working on such a high-caliber event was challenging, but it was rewarding to see the event come together…and subsequently hearing praise for the event from national business and government leaders, embassy ambassadors, and a happy client.

Last book I read

The last book I read was, “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt. A long-time friend recommended it to me. Something I enjoyed about the novel was the way Tartt gives so much detail in descriptions of the characters’ thoughts, physical things, emotions – anything really. While reading, you are able to feel what the characters feel; see what they see.

Thoughts about the PR industry

I see the industry evolving into providing clients with even more value added services, including marketing and technology.

While the main focus of building lasting relationships and getting your story heard and understood will never change, the way you accomplish it will change.

In a time when younger PR professionals are coming into their own within the industry, and methods of communications – social or professional – can go extinct in a matter of months, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the growth curve without falling for the short-lived, fad-type technologies or ideas.

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