How to Approach Hispanic Media Outlets

As communications professionals, it’s our responsibility to have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ target audience in order to secure the right media exposure for them. With Hispanics being the largest minority group in the U.S., it is no secret that companies are extending their reach to penetrate this market to increase sales, provide services and generate profits. Here are five tips on how to better reach the Hispanic market through media:

  • Quality is better than quantity. Prior to pitching media, research and decide on your target geographic markets. Hispanic markets differ dramatically from one region to another, so know exactly who you are looking to reach.
  • Go beyond the cover. It is important to review and become familiar with the outlets as not all Hispanic publications publish in Spanish. Note that a Hispanic publication can have a Spanish name and still deliver their content in English.
  • Pitch the publication in the language that it delivers. Pitching an outlet in a different language will show the editors that you are not familiar with the publication. Why should they publish your content if you haven’t taken the time to learn about them?
  • Know your target. Just as with general market outlets, Hispanic publications have beats. Know who covers what, their deadlines and preferences.
  • Investing for the long-term.Understand that not every pitch will generate media exposure, but it will give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with a reporter or editor and a chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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