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Casas on Crisis

by Ray Casas

As with any crisis, #COVID19 provides plenty of opportunities to position your company in the right way as an entity that offers REAL support for its customers. Conversely, it opens the door to pitfalls that may look to provide short-term benefits at the cost of long-term reputation and perception problems.

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Casas on Crisis

by Ray Casas

These are essential elements of a crisis communications plan.

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Essential Elements of a Crisis Communications Plan
Dove: The ad was bad and the apology weak

by Ray Casas

Dove says it – “missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully” in its bone-headed ad showing a black-to white transformation, presumably by using Dove liquid soap.

A weak response, particularly for such an in-your-face ad

Dove The AD Was Bad and the Apology Weak
Fighting back against fake news

by Jeanmarie Ferrara

Facebook recently implemented a new policy to address the issue of fake news, which has been an election year issue and a source of great concern for everyone from law enforcement 

Fighting Back Against Fake News
5 Tips for When Publicity Hands You Lemons

By Melissa Lichtenheld

Positive media relations are at the heart of many communications programs. The third-party credibility inherent in news coverage helps build your brand, gains public acceptance and good will, and boosts strategic objectives and sales.

Bad Publicity
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